Charter of eco-responsibility

This Charter commits organizers and participants to respect the rules and the principles defined in this document in order to work for a civic and ecologically responsibility of our sporting event approach and to highlight the values of sport ethics.

Civic spirit:

1 / respect the volunteers and organizers, without which this event could not take place.

2 / take the sidewalks, paths, or trails of the circuit of the race without shortcuting.

3 / Overpass or get passed without disturbing the other competitors.

4 / Please stick to the rules of fair-play and ensure they are preserved.

Respect security and the traffic rules:

1 / Be sure to wear or carry the proper equipment according to the actual weather conditions (water, energy bars, rain/ wind jacket, Cap,…).

2 / to help any competitor in trouble.

3 / do not cross the streets and roads outside the marked areas.

4 / the pedestrian traffic rules.

Environmentally responsible attitude:

1 / the Organization undertakes to use an ephemeral markup and a biodegradable marking on the ground or on the street furniture.

2 / the organization is committed to remove all the markup along racing circuits and the cleaning of the urban spaces after the race.

3 / in order to reduce the use of paper, the organizers prefer electronic communications (social networks, emails, website of the event, downloadable documents).

4 / for this same purpose electronically online registration is preferred.

5 / disposable plastic cup won’t be used at fueling stations, the organization is responsible for providing each participant a reusable glass.

6 / in order to reduce the environmental impact of the event, including CO2 emissions, the organization encourages volunteers, runners and companions to carpool to get to the scene of the event and to adopt an eco-driving.

7 / the participants mus not throw or leave behind any waste or rubbish (papers, bottles, packaging, used energy gels,…) should they be biodegradable or not.

8. Each participant agrees to respect the environment, to keep its rubbish or to throw them in the bins placed at different stations and after the finish line.