The Le Havre Urban Trail (LHUT) is a running race organized by the HAC Triathlon association according to the rules of trail races.

The race takes place on Sunday the 18th of June 2017.

Trail running can present risks. It is expected that every participant to LHUT is fully aware and accepts these risks by taking part of the race.


The event (Welcome, finish, locker rooms, podiums, race village) will take place in the Le Havre City Hall gardens.


LHUT offers 3 distances for 5 races, with a limited number of participants for each race:

LHUT MARATHON 42km – Start at 9am at the corner of Rue de Paris and Quai Southampton (see map in annex)

3 races : Solo (600 competitors) / Duo (100 teams) / Relay 2 runners (200 relay teams)

NB : The organizer reserves the right to modify the quotas of each race as long as the total number of participants does not exceed 1200.

LHUT ESCALATOR 12km – Start at 10am in front of the City Hall

1 race : Solo (1500 competitors)

LA MARCHE 7km – Start at 10:05am in front of the City Hall

1 race (500 participants)


All registrations for LHUT MARATHON (Solo, Duo and Relay) and ESCALATOR can be performed online through the platform of the organizers partner: . The registration is officially validated as soon as the participant receives the confirmation email from the registration platform. The registration process can be followed-up on the event website . The deadline for online registrations is fixed on Thursday the 15th of June 2017 at 23:59pm.

A paper registration form can also be downloaded from the event website and the organizer’s website . It must be filled, printed and sent together with the registration fees (banking check to “HAC Triathlon”), and the signed race rules form. Any incomplete dossier will not be accepted. The registration process can be followed-up on the event website

The paper registration form must be sent to the following address, before the 9th of June 2017:

HAC Triathlon

25 rue Rémicourt

76600 Le Havre

The registration for LA MARCHE is performed exclusively with the paper form to be downloaded, filled, printed and sent to the above-mentioned address, or directly on the race village on Saturday the 17th of June 2017 and on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 before 9:30am

Registration modification is allowed exclusively through the platform (see CANCELLATION AND REFUND paragraph). Any other unofficial transfer is forbidden.


Until the 15th of January 2017

Until the 15th of April 2017

Until the 15th of June 2017



35 €

45 €

55 €



70 € (per team)

90 € (per team)

110 € (per team)


42KM –Relay

45 € (per team)

55 € (per team)

65 € (per team)



12 €

15 €

18 €


7 km

5 €

Registration fees include:

Logistics and safety during the race

Access to the aid stations

A gift for all competitors (except for LA MARCHE).

An eco-cup required to get drinks at the aid stations.

A finisher t-shirt for MARATHON competitors (Solo & Duo).

An individual timing chip for the ESCALATOR and the MARATHON, including also intermediate timings for the MARATHON (no timing for LA MARCHE).

After-race meal for MARATHON Solo and Duo participants (additional 10€ for the relay participants).

For 4€, relay participants can get optional tramway tickets to reach the hand-over area and come back.


Lockers will be available at the race village for all competitors except LA MARCHE.


The races are open to all athletes who:

Respect the required minimum age :




20 years old (born in 1997 and before)


16 years old (born in 2001 and before)


16 years old (born in 2001 and before)

Parental permission is required for under-age athletes (including LA MARCHE)

Hold one of the following :

Medical certificate no older than one year prior to the race stating that the athlete is fit for running in competition.

Any of the following Licenses delivered by the FFAthletisme (or any foreign equivalent), valid on the race day:

Athlé Compétition,

Athlé Entreprise,

Athlé Running

or Pass’Running

FFTri License for competition, valid on the race day.

Any sports license delivered by a recognized federation, where it is clearly stated that the athlete is fit for running in competition, and valid on the race day.

The organizer will keep the original document (or a copy) in case of accident. No other document can be accepted.


The organizer will not refund any competitor, but allows the registration transfer between two competitors exclusively through the platform STARTorNOT:

Any competitor can sign up on the platform to transfer his registration, and get a partial refund in the 7 days after the race. For any information or complain, please send an email to

In case of force majeure, extreme weather conditions, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or any condition that could endanger competitors safety, the organizer reserves the right to change the race or cancel it. In case of cancellation for any of the aforementioned reasons, no refund is possible.


Participants must clearly wear the race bib on the upper front body (with 4 attachment points or a bib belt). It must not be hidden, masked, cut, or folded, and remain visible, or the participant can be subjected to a disqualification.

Race bibs can be picked-up on Saturday the 17th of June 2017, from 2pm to 7pm at the race village. Individual ID card will be required.

Also, MARATHON (Solo, Duo et Relay) bibs can be picked up on Sunday the 18th of June from 7:30am to 8:15am at the race village, and ESCALATOR bibs can be picked up on Sunday the 18th of June from 7:30am to 9:15am at the race village.

Aucun dossard ne sera distribué en dehors du village course du LHUT. No race bib can be picked up outside of the race village.


Compulsory equipment:

For the MARATHON (Solo and Duo), an hydratation system of 0.5L minimum, a small food stock, a survival blanket, a waterproof jacket, a whistle, a mobile phone with full power.

In case of extreme weather conditions, the organizer reserves the right to modify and/or add items in this compulsory equipment list. Theses changes will be then communicated via email to the participants.

Allowed equipment:

For the MARATHON Duo teams only, a tow or binding system (e.g. a pull belt or elastic cord).

Forbidden equipment:

Use of poles is forbidden.

Equipment checks will be performed for all MARATHON participants when accessing the start area.


Timing concerns only MARATHON (solo, duo and relay) and ESCALATOR. A timing chip will be used, to be placed on the shoe. For relays, the chip will come with a scratch to be worn on the left ankle.

Manual or electronic checkpoints will be located along the route. Competitors who would miss one of these checkpoints will be automatically disqualified.


Participants commit to cover the full distance following strictly the race route in the best sportsmanship.

The routes will be marked with directional signs, along with ground markings and red and white ribbon. Volunteers will protect road intersections.

On public roads, any participant will have to comply with traffic regulations, and will be held as sole responsible for any violation of these rules.

No escort vehicle, bike, or person will be allowed on the race. Aid stations are strictly dedicated to competitors wearing a race bib.


LHUT ESCALATOR 12km : 1 aid station including food and drinks at km7 (Jardins Suspendus)

LHUT MARATHON 42km  partial autonomy : 3 aid stations including food and drinks at km7 (Jardins Suspendus), km21 (Forêt de Montgeon) and km32 (Pré fleuri).

Aid stations usually include:

Water (sparkling and still)


Energy bars



All participants must use the eco-cup provided with the race bib.


The half-marathon (km21) is located in Forêt de Montgeon. The best mean to reach it is the tramway (start from Hôtel de Ville, stop at Place Jenner). First relay runners can also take it to reach back the City hall square.

As a reminder, transportation tickets are available as an option when signing up to the race.

The hand-over between the two runners will take place in a dedicated area. The hand-over consists in transferring the timing chip scratch. The second runner will start only when the scratch will be properly attached to his ankle.


The LHUT MARATHON Duo being a team race, helping each other is allowed, and even strongly recommended. In the spirit of multi sports raids, teammates can help each other with pulling systems (e.g. elastic cord), but they need to be easily removable (e.g. with snap hooks). Pulling systems are under the sole responsibility of the team. The organizer reserves the right, when checking the equipment or during the race, to refuse any system that could endanger the safety of the participants. The team must bring its equipment from start to finish, any equipment drop during the race will be subjected to disqualification.

The distance between the two teammates must not reach more than 20m. A staff member can stop the first teammate and make him wait for the second if the distance is too high. Checks will be performed at several points along the route.

A teammate crossing the finish line alone would not be ranked.


Time cut-offs concern only LHUT MARATHON (Solo, Duo and relay) competitors.

Below are listed the time cut-offs at the different checkpoints. Runners will be stopped and will not be ranked. A vehicle will drive them back to the race village from Forêt de Montgeon or Beaulieu (see map in annex)


Cut-off time


Forêt de Montgeon

12 H 45 (racetime =3h45)

km 21

Pré fleuri

15 H 00 (racetime=6h00)

km 32

Hôtel de Ville (Finish)

17 H 00 (racetime =8h)

km 42

Any runner starting before the start time will not be ranked.


Any withdrawal must be reported to the organizer and must occur (except for obvious medical reason) only at aid stations.

Medical services located on the route will have the power to stop any runner judged medically unable to pursue the race.


Any competitor will be subjected to disqualification for any of the reasons below:

External aid outside of the aid stations areas.

Throw-out of empty bottles, papers, or any trash item outside of the dedicated areas.

Running outside the marked route.

Disrespect of volunteers

Positive anti doping test result (see ANTI DOPING TEST section)

Beyond the safety aspects, the staff members also guarantee ethics and spirit of the race in nature.

Any violation of the common sense or the race rules will be subjected to penalties under the judgement of the race director.




Per category (no cumulation*)



3 first : men and women

men and women:

3 first Young, Senior, Master



3 first : men, women and mix


42KM –Relay

3 first teams: men, women and mix



3 first : men and women

men and women:

3 first Young, Senior, Master

(*) A competitor who happens to combine 2 podiums will receive only one single prize for the most prestigious one (in our case the scratch ranking).

Competitors will receive prizes only if they attend the prize ceremony.


Anti doping tests can occur after the race.


First aid medical teams will be located along the route. An emergency number will be written on the bib to be called in case of an emergency.

The race could be temporarily stopped in case of evacuation needs, to allow an ambulance or safety vehicle to pass through.


Registration to the race includes the transfer of rights of the competitor image to the organizer in the context of the promotion of the event. Competitors expressly authorize the organizer and its  beneficiaries such as partners, sponsors and media to use any still or moving images (audio-visual) on which competitors may appear, taken on the occasion of their participation to the race, on all existing or future media, including promotional and/or advertising and/or institutional materials, in the world and for the longest duration foreseen by law, regulations and treaties in force, including any extensions made to this duration.


It is clearly expressed that competitors attend the race under their own and exclusive liability.

Civil liability:

According to the applicable regulations, the organizer subscribes to a liability insurance that covers financial consequences of its civil liability, and that of its beneficiaries and the duly registered competitors.

This insurance is limited to accident or damage that participants could cause during the race, except in case of any guilty event that would engage their own and exclusive responsibility.

Moreover, this guarantee will supplement or replace any insurance that participants could own besides.

Individual insurance for accidents:

It is strongly recommended that non-licensed participant subscribe an individual insurance for accidents.

Material damages :

The organizer will have no liability whatsoever in case of damage, loss or theft caused to any participant’s personal goods or equipment, even if the organizer watches them.

Competitors are advised to subscribe to insurance that covers this type of risks. The organizer reminds that it is not responsible for the bags left in the lockers and their content. Every participant must take care of his own personal equipment and goods (especially in case of rain).


By registering to the race, every participant gives his firm, express and final agreement to the present rules. All registered athletes agree to have read, understood and accepted all the provisions in this document, available any time on this website , or on the registration platform KLIKEGO website.

This present document has officially been released at SCP NISSEN RUYTERS & CARRE Huissiers de Justice, 130 Boulevard de Strasbourg 76600 Le Havre.

It has been established according to the applicable rules of trail races. The organizer reserves the right to modify at any time these rules until the day of the race.

This document is a translation of the French version “Règlement”. We are governed by French Law, so if there are any discrepancies in the above translation, the French version of the text prevails.